Week 11 of being cruX Secretary

27 July, 2023 - 3 August, 2023

What is this?; What's cruX? What are these blogposts?

Read the last week's blog posts for a bit more context

This week

  • Week 11: i decided we are on fire, disappeared for 5 days, and finished writing a temporary frontend for ChronoFactorem, held the weekly review meet, had another meet with people that stayed after the weekly review meet about cruXipher ideas, worked with designers to decide on a better style of working for them, got an update from Mudit about the chinese super app, talked to ansh about club updates in terms of what we need to submit to tech senate, and discussed potential judges for the hackathon

Being on fire

I don't know if I convinced myself that we were on fire, or if I just really wanted to write code for once. I am starting to think it's the latter, because even now after the rewrite I have a strong urge to write more code.

This week, since i spent 5 of the 7 days on writing the rewrite, I don't really have much to say.

I wrote garbage code. I feel slightly bad, because turns out the final timetable will take some time to come out.

BUT, in that time, I can work on integrating CMS or other things into the existing chrono API.

I didn't make any progress on the book.

Going forward, I think I'll be heavily focusing on integrations between our projects, and integrations with whatever already exists. I feel like it's a huge boost to usage of your stuff, and once you get usage on your stuff, getting funding for doing fun shit is never a problem, since the SU knows the value you bring to campus.

I've realized its increasingly important to prove the value your club brings to the SU, and we've seen time after time the need for it. I can't elaborate too much, but based on how some things go next week, I'll try and maybe talk about it.


This week didn't have much. I apologize. But again, I need to remember that my goal isn't to write nice flashy blog posts that are fun to read, it's to document my journey as I learn about this shit. I need to read the book more going into the next week, since I'll have a lot of free time away from projects, since I won't be involved in much except coordinating and reviewing PRs, while we decide what our work for Atmos looks like.